About Us


A Credit Union is a non-profit making financial co-operative owned and operated by its members.

Credit Unions are unique, and are unlike every other financial institution in their purpose, their governing rules, and the service they provide. Key differences include:

  • To encourage members to save.
  • To provide low cost loans for members.
  • To provide life insurance for eligible members at no extra cost to individual members

Operating Principles
  • Credit Unions do not and cannot (by law) speculate with members’ money.
  • Credit Unions do not want, and cannot have, big deposits.
  • Credit Unions can only lend for provident and productive purposes.
  • Credit Unions only lend to their members, who must be saving regularly to be eligible for a loan.
  • The savings and loans of our credit union members are insured (up to generous limits) at no extra cost to the individual member.


The Mission of Fintona Credit Union Limited is to provide financial services to the local community on a not-for-profit basis, by offering members easily accessible low interest loans, and by providing members with competitive interest rates on their secure savings.

Fintona Credit Union was established in 1967. Since then, members have benefited immensely by the existence of this Credit Union through savings and loans. Currently, we have £7 million in members’ savings and £3 million in loans. Membership is approaching 4,000, including adults and juniors (under 16).

The Credit Union is managed by volunteers including a board of directors who are elected at the Annual General Meeting and a supervisory committee. Staff look after the day-to-day operation of the Credit Union.