• Unbeatable Interest Rates on Loans
  • Excellent Interest Rates on Savings
  • Annual Loan Interest Rebate
  • Free Life Insurance Cover
  • No Fees to Pay
  • Various Payment Options Available
  • Late Opening Hours

We need to see a regular saving pattern of at least 6 weeks before you apply for a loan. Each member’s account is unique and our loan officers will look at your savings record, income, other borrowings and overall ability to repay your loan when assessing your loan application. For new members you will require a guarantor for your first loan and depending on your circumstances. We may require a suitable Guarantor for any subsequent loans as well. Remember your loans are insured, subject to policy conditions, at no direct cost to you. Another bonus is that the interest you pay on your loan throughout the year will be eligible for any interest rate rebate agreed at the Annual General Meeting.


Every year we pay an attractive dividend on members’ savings. Members’ savings are also placed in our Life Savings Insurance scheme which applies an insurance element to your eligible savings meaning you can leave a “nest egg” for your loved ones in the event of your death. This insurance cover is free to eligible members.
To become a member of Fintona Credit Union, applicants must reside or work within a six mile radius of the town, within the Credit Union “common bond” area. 
Adult membership is open to anyone over 16 years of age.
Anyone wishing to become a member is asked to provide 2 forms of identification:~

1 Photographic: Examples for ID include:
a) Current Driving Licence
b) Current Bus Pass
c) Current Student Card
d) Electoral Identity Card
e) Valid Passport

2 Proof of Address: Address verification must be dated within the last three months and may be in the form of:
a) Utility Bill
b) Bank, Building Society, Credit Card Statement.

Minor membership is available to anyone under 16 years of age. We will require a Birth Certificate for the minor as well as some proof of address for the minor’s parent or guardian.

Credit Union members can complete a Nomination Form which gives the member the opportunity to nominate who will receive all or part of whatever savings they may have in the Credit Union in the event of their death. Nomination forms are available in the Credit Union office.